Hailee's Comet

In Milan, Steinfeld's star is on the rise, and Katie Grand celebrates her latest capsule for Hogan


Nicola Gerber Maramotti and Hailee Steinfeld   
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No fewer than six editors in chief joined Max Mara last night at Giacomo Bistrot to toast Hailee Steinfeld, the just-announced 2013 Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future. It was the sixteen-year-old actress' first time in Milan, but she's no stranger to Italians: Steinfeld will take on the role of Juliet in Carlo Carlei's upcoming remake of Romeo and Juliet. Her star-crossed lover in that film is the handsome Douglas Booth. Over dessert, though, it was another costar she was talking up: Kevin Costner, no zhlub himself, who plays her father in Three Days to Kill, which she just wrapped in Paris. "He's directed before, so he did so much more than play my dad in the film. He was so helpful," she revealed. "As actors, we all have a little director in us."

Fashion stylists, it turns out, have a little director in them, too. At least Katie Grand does. The cause for celebration at the Palazzo Trivulzio was her new capsule collaboration, with Hogan, of zebra-striped iPad cases, wedge sneakers, and tap shoes. She recruited her husband, Steve Mackey, and Nathan Gregory Wilkins to spin tunes, and hired a coterie of models (Georgia Jagger, Cara Delevingne, and Magdalena Frackowiak included) to vamp for the cameras in half shirts and gym shorts, but her best call of the evening may have been the margarita fountain.

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