All in the Famiglia

Dinner at the Missonis' Place


Margherita Missoni   
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Angela Missoni lives five long floors up in a fine Milan apartment building, but the line for the tiny elevator was so thick before last night's dinner at her place that Charlotte Tilbury, Jefferson Hack, and Tabitha Simmons, in Fall Dolce & Gabbana fresh off her afternoon styling gig, opted to take the stairs. "We'll see you up there," Hack called. It was just as crowded inside, especially in front of the buffet table, where waiters were slicing prosciutto and serving up steaming portions of polenta. Suzy Menkes was recommending the bean soup; the family matriarch, Rosita Missoni, discussed the merits of The Artist; and Francesco Scognamiglio was crossing his fingers that the dresses he sent to L.A. would hit the red-carpet circuit. There was more than enough gown ogling to be done chez Angela, though. Eugenie Niarchos wore a clingy silver number. Missoni, naturally.

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