Shock of the New

The Chauffeured Set Toasts Garage


Shala Monroque and Dasha Zhukova   
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"Normal" is a contested word in fashion. Are the space-seductress suits and psychedelic sweatshirts that have marched down the runways this week normal? Maybe not. But as Dasha Zhukova, editirix of the recently launched Garage, put it, part of the fashion pro's job is to "redefine what 'normal' is." So maybe a small party for friends isn't normally the sort that draws two generations of Pinaults (father François and son François-Henri, with wife Salma Hayek); runway stalwarts like Lily Donaldson, Karlie Kloss, and Arizona Muse; just about every editor in fashion's galaxy; designers like Gareth Pugh and Miuccia Prada; and the legendary Jean-Paul Goude. At Garage's cocktail in Paris last night, reality was redefined. Welcome to Dasha's New Normal.

Garage's Summer issue focuses on fashion, but through the lens of sex and relationships. (It includes a cover of pregnant cartoon critters "wearing" Jil Sander and Prada and a sex quiz by poetess Anne Carson.) But the from-left-field approach is exactly what excites its newfound fans. "It's respectful but definitely different from a wholly fashion magazine," said Pugh. "It's a sensibility that fits with my idea of creating." The goal: nothing less than revolution—hence Giovanna Battaglia's editorial for the issue, "Revolution in Heels." "Working with Dasha is a total free zone," she said, explaining that she styled the shoot over Skype. "You're so modern," marveled Carine Roitfeld. "I could never do that."

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