Ain't Life Grand

Zadig & Voltaire Fêtes Gaia Repossi and Erin Wasson at Le Grand Véfour


Irina Lazareanu and Charlotte Kemp Muhl   
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Le Grand Véfour in Paris' Palais Royal, where Zadig & Voltaire threw a lavish dinner, might be the oldest restaurant in the world. The combined ages of all the It girls at the head table—the label's guest designers Gaia Repossi and Erin Wasson, included—doesn't come close to its 200-plus years of feeding the most recognizable French names on the planet, Colette, Victor Hugo, and Jean-Paul Sartre among them. Last night's crowd—heavy on famous beauties (Lindsey Wixson, Constance Jablonski, and, mais bien sûr, Wasson) and even more famous offspring (Nicole Richie, Sean Lennon)—wasn't too shabby, either.

After dinner, Lennon and his band, including girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Irina Lazareanu, brought things entertainingly up to date with a set of original songs and covers. The latter included "Hey Joe" and, more improbably, a version of "Rapper's Delight" in which Lennon managed to improvise a rhyme out of the words "John Galliano."

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