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Celebrating New Books on Antonio Lopez and The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman


Pat Cleveland, Donna Jordan, and Maria Snyder   
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If the disco beats pumping out of the Prince George last night weren't enough to make onlookers stop and stare, the towering wigs and sky-high platforms certainly made heads turn. Drag performers, body glitter-dipped nude girls, and at least one seventies-era supermodel had all gathered at the hotel to celebrate Roger and Mauricio Padilha's new book Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco at a MAC Cosmetics-sponsored bash. "I'm so happy they did it because they're so in love with Antonio," said Anna Sui, who penned the tome's epilogue and consulted with the Padilhas on their manuscript about the famed fashion illustrator. Catwalking sensation and one of the original "Antonio's girls" Pat Cleveland was feeling the love, too. "Coming to Paris and being with Antonio in a tiny apartment and getting ready to go out, actually living the drawings—living to be art—those are the best memories."

Scott Schuman's second book is called The Sartorialist: Closer, and at his launch party at Chelsea's Danziger Projects, the pavement-pounding lensman explained why. "I'm closer to capturing the variety I always wanted to, whether in Paris or Milan or Morocco or Australia," he said. (Peru and Rajasthan are next.) That, and Schuman has been shortening the gap between his camera and his subjects. "I guess I got more comfortable pinpointing what I really liked about the person: their hair or makeup, or that their shirt's buttoned up," he added. This vernissage (hosted by Coach, which recently enlisted Schuman to shoot some of his favorite New Yorkers with bags from the brand's Legacy collection) was more intimate than the public one on Friday is sure to be. About ten blocks down, the Boom Boom Room threw a reopening bash that included a performance by MNDR and drew the likes of Calvin Klein, Courtney Love, and Brett Ratner. One guest described it, between swigs of Champagne, as a "back-to-school" party for a certain segment of the city's nocturnal set. While the standard "How was your summer?" inquiries got tossed around, the more pressing question for some was, "Where's Pippa?" The other Middleton was spotted at André Balazs's hotel on Shelter Island over Labor Day weekend. If Balazs knew the answer, he wasn't telling, leaving the gossip hunters to do more homework.

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