Not "Another" Fashion Week Party

Another Magazine shows revelers a rip-roaring good time


Anouck Lepère and Sophia Lamar   
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Another Magazine honcho Jefferson Hack is sick to death of all those "soulless fashion parties." His, he avowed, would have a pulse. For the venue, he went off the grid, setting up camp in artist Dustin Yellin's cavernous Red Hook studio. "I figured people could bond over it," explained Hack at the party last night. "Like, 'Look at us! We made it to Brooklyn!' " He was right. Making it to Brooklyn in the kind of torrential downpour New York enjoyed yesterday will pretty much guarantee you're best friends for life.

For entertainment, Hack eschewed the celebrity DJ or "supersecret special guest performance" routes and went instead with the esoteric modern-dance stylings of the Stephen Petronio Company. And just in case the performance, along with a really delicious organic buffet, didn't get everybody into the party spirit, the genial host had also ordered up a mother lode of special cakes, the kind they never serve at those aforementioned soulless bashes. "These are in honor of Mark Ronson. It's his birthday," Hack declared to a roomful of guests, which included the likes of Craig McDean, Leigh Lezark, Veruschka, and, of course, the birthday boy. "They're magical." The cakes were consumed and the "magic" promptly set in, with guests hitting the dance floor to engage in all sorts of inspired choreography including, yes, the Robot.

Purple magazine's Olivier Zahm arrived with a coterie of amis, including Parisian nightlife impresario André. Are French fêtes any different from a good ole U.S. of A. shindig? "Not really, they are both equally good," André replied diplomatically. Then he added, "Here it is loud music, so you can't really talk. But we're in America, so that is probably a good thing." So much for diplomacy.

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