Icons Everywhere You Look

On the party circuit with Lady Gaga, Linda Evangelista, and Kerry Washington


Karolina Kurkova and Peter Lindbergh.   
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When you've participated in as many art shows as Peter Lindbergh has, and taken as many pictures—his archive now boasts over 250,000 images—it's difficult for an exhibition to feel fresh. So when Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld offered to curate a show in his own town house off Fifth Avenue, Lindbergh's interest was piqued: "I've done tons of big museum exhibitions throughout the world, and it's a different feeling here. The pictures look totally different." Roitfeld explained how renting gallery spaces doesn't feel right anymore, so he just cleared out his furniture and had the show at home. Linda Evangelista commanded the room as she posed for a picture next to a giant Lindbergh portrait of herself. Said Roitfeld: "In the end, I wanted to do something special for fashion week, and I wanted to work with, if possible, the most iconic living photographer. Mr. Lindbergh really is that person."

Later on, at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, Lady Gaga hosted a bash in honor of V Magazine's Stephen Gan. "No one has thrown me a party in my entire life, not even a birthday party!" Gan told "So for Lady Gaga to do it is amazing. When you look at her, you see this wild creature, but inside she is truly one of the most caring people." Jessica Alba, a slew of models, the Hilton sisters, and Yoko Ono all turned out. When Gaga finally stepped onstage to perform, the first thing she did was give a shout-out: "Thank you, Stephen, for putting me on the cover of your magazine, where I'm always given a place to shine, a place where we could…we could belong together."

Speeches were also the order of the night at the dinner Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive held for her latest cover star, Kerry Washington. In the cozy back room at Carbone, a crowd that included Tory Burch, Jason Wu, and Gayle King heard words of mutual admiration from Leive and Washington. The most moving speaker, though, was the actress' father, Earl, who said his daughter made his heart swell with such pride that his shirt needed "Velcro, not buttons."

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