"Hey, Everybody, Let's Get Drunk and Dance"

Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang throw a pair of ragers


Alexander Wang and Rihanna.   
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Prabal Gurung had friends over to his apartment before his after-party last night, to do some warming up. "We weren't dancing dancing—just being silly," he reported from a banquette at Bar Naná. No doubt Gurung was saving some energy for the evening's special guest, Ciara. With a drink in hand, the sleeves of his white T-shirt rolled all the way up, he seemed the very image of a happy designer flexing a little muscle now that the day's reviews were in.

Alexander Wang. His name was all over the clothes he'd shown earlier in the day, and the festivity-loving designer put just as much of a signature on the celebrating that followed. What's changed about his outsize parties over the years? Not much, Wang insisted during a postshow dinner with friends at EN Japanese Brasserie. Well, he added, maybe one thing: "A bigger budget!" He convulsed with laughter, which only increased as a handler scolded him.

Wang's touch has, of course, landed him a lead role at Balenciaga, not to mention big friends such as Samsung. His backpack tote for the electronics giant just came out, and he'd been taking its soon-to-be-released "smartwatch" for a spin. "The whole voice command, the sneaky pictures," Wang explained, "it's actually quite in line with the collection, because it's slightly perverse."

After dinner, Wang and his dinner pals (a group that included Behati Prinsloo and Zoë Kravitz) boarded a party bus for the main event at Pier 17. Brilliantly, the designer had taken over two floors of the touristy mall at the South Street Seaport. It's about to shutter; the closed-up shops advertised closeout sales, and the lower levels had a Dawn of the Dead feel. Head up a couple escalators, though, and you found yourself at the throbbing center of a Shibuya-inspired fun house: nail salon, video games, kitschy handouts, and black lights turning blond hair green.

A saucy performance by Nicki Minaj capped things off. "It's good that this is not like other parties," declared Eniko Mihalik, one of the many models populating the neon haze. "It's not a fashion event. It's a celebration. It's, 'Hey, everybody, let's get drunk and dance!'" And grab some Hello Kitty swag for the road.

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