The Marc Jacobs After-Party

The Designer and Friends Celebrate a Job Well Done


Anne Hathaway, Marc Jacobs, and Lorenzo Martone   
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"That was my first fashion show," said Shortbus director John Cameron Mitchell at the Marc Jacobs after-party last night. "There was so much buildup and in the end it was so short. It was a lot like…" and here he described a different kind of pleasurable activity. Stephanie Seymour had a slightly divergent take: "I was delighted to see the hats. I'm the first person to want to wear one." But any which way you sliced it, the message was clear: Jacobs had hit another home run. And his post-show bash at Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca felt every bit the victory party (one complete with megawatt stars and drag queens). This being a Marc Jacobs production, the line to get in snaked around the block. Even Sean Avery, he of the bedazzled private booth at Beatrice Inn, was made to cool his heels for a tick.

The party itself came in two parts. In the front, a massive throng of well-wishers guzzled the open bar dry, danced, and generally made merry while in the back courtyard, the designer and 60 of his closest pals, including the likes of Winona Ryder, Sofia Coppola, and Kirsten Dunst, tucked into a three-course steak dinner. Milling around the tables were about 100 or so guests who were given the VIP invite but not an actual dinner seat. Robert Duffy, Jacobs' business partner, was none too pleased with the arrangement. "I said, 'Just don't have a party where there are two tables of people eating and we're like the petting zoo. And that's exactly what they did. And I am so pissed." Of course, this kind of controlled chaos is part of the draw of any Jacobs experience—as are the surprising juxtapositions. Just at that moment, Jessica Simpson—who was not part of the dinner party—waltzed by. "Oh my God, I think she's going to sit in my seat," said Kim Gordon. "I hope she doesn't steal my food." We took it, then, that the Sonic Youth frontwoman didn't own a DVD of The Dukes of Hazzard? "I can safely say I'm not a fan of hers at all." Somehow we weren't surprised.

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