Naomi Campbell, Pat Cleveland, and the runway's top catwalkers hit the Sunday-night party scene


Sidney Sewell, Justin Bieber, and Thurman Sewell.   
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The MAC muses came out last night in full regalia—from Iris Apfel with her signature oversize glasses to Lady Bunny in her extra-large blond wig. But the celebration to commemorate the late fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez (and a new line of makeup for the beauty brand stamped with exclusive drawings by the man himself) wouldn't have been complete without two of the artist's original inspirations: Pat Cleveland and Marisa Berenson. The man heading up the intimate dinner party at The Odeon, MAC's senior VP and group creative director, James Gager, said, "I wanted it to feel like a crowd that Antonio would have invited—colorful, from all walks of life, and everybody who loves living."

Cleveland, who also cohosted the event, reminisced about the time she spent with Lopez in Paris, "I lived in the one-room apartment on [Rue] Bonaparte with him, posing day and night—but we didn't only pose. We went out to parties…if he were sitting here, everyone would be around him, because he had such magnetism." Berenson—who recently partnered with Sofitel to develop a range of products for face, body, and hair (Soin Sublime), and is gearing up to release a fragrance of her own creation—describes working with Lopez as "joie de vivre." She went on to say, "We weren't just models. We had a real rapport with him…. There was something very different about being immortalized on paper rather than in a photograph."

Over at the Diller-von Furstenberg Building at the High Line Headquarters, where DVF was hosting her postshow dinner, Paper's Mickey Boardman reported, "That was the most glamorous five minutes of my life. I was just chatting with Diane von Furstenberg, Tatiana von Furstenberg, a few other ladies, and a SoulCycle instructor I follow on Instagram." The party's glamour level continued to rise as the night went on, with the likes of Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and, eventually, Naomi Campbell all turning out to toast the designer at her new party spot (in year's past, it's always been held at Indochine). The crowd, DVF included, was still gushing about Campbell's catwalk earlier in the day. "Last night, I heard Naomi was in town," said DVF, "so I e-mailed her, and first I invited her to the dinner, and then I said, 'Oh, by the way, would you close the show?' "

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, at the SuperPier on Eleventh Avenue, Opening Ceremony celebrated a big moment of its own: the first-ever OC runway show. "Tonight was a great nod to New York, and about giving back to the city, so it felt like a really appropriate venue to have our first show," said OC's Humberto Leon, who was on hand with his mom. Rihanna and Justin Bieber had already come and gone, but guests continued to trail in near midnight. "I'm off to Paris in a week, for Kenzo. Literally, one down, and it's on to the next, but I'm excited," added Leon.

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