A Decade in the Making

Opening Ceremony's Revival Party


Carol Lim, Chloë Sevigny, and Humberto Leon   
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Opening Ceremony's tenth anniversary has inspired the label's forward-thinking founders, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, to look back a moment. Last night, it wasn't so much about the clothes and collaborations that populate their past—it was about all the ragers.

With help from the event maestros at ExtraExtra, Leon and Lim turned multi-chambered Webster Hall into a memory palace of the last decade's major recurring New York parties. Seven overlapping revivals went down across three levels, including the early-aughts electroclash showcase Club Luxx, Smiths Night at Sway, and the Misshapes.

For cool kids of a certain age, it made the memories flow—"a little too much," joked Erin Wasson, before installing herself in Ladyfag's Clubber Down Disco with Rochambeau designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper. Next door, Chloë Sevigny was dancing to "Pump Up the Jam." The Hilton sisters caused a photography storm and M.I.A. circulated in an embroidered hoodie—she met Leon on her first-ever trip to New York, the hip-hop provocateur told, and "we've been friends ever since."

Partnerships have played a major role in the label's run to date, along with an all-consuming approach to culture day and—perhaps especially—night. "We wanted to have the party of all parties," Lim explained. "We always start with an idea and say, how can we make this work? We never get scared."

The evening's big get was Lil' Kim, who took the stage well after midnight. Even without her gleefully NSFW performance, the whole thing would've been assured a spot in the collective memory of sweaty, glittery, go-for-broke New York nights.

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