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Purple's 20th Birthday Blowout


André Saraiva, Lindsey Wixson, and André Balazs   
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Olivier Zahm was looking awfully spiffy at the Purple magazine dinner last night. "Do you think I'm overdressed?" he asked, pulling on his bow tie. "Or is it OK, because tonight is special for me?" Even a top hat and tails might've been appropriate, given that this season, Zahm is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Purple. The celebratory dinner was modest, in its way—co-host Johan Lindeberg stuck to his usual uniform of BLK DNM jeans, and guests tucked into meals served family-style. But size-wise, this was a blowout, with a number of notables turning out to pay Purple their respects. Angela Lindvall, Jamie Bochert, and Lindsey Wixson comprised the model contingent; Natasha Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny brought the indie cred, along with Heidi Bivens, just back from the Venice Film Festival, where the Harmony Korine flick that she costumed, Spring Breakers, had premiered. "It got an unbelievable reaction," she said. Bivens wasn't the only attendee with new projects to boast about: Along with growing an impressive beard, Jared Leto has—rather unbelievably—transformed himself into a tech guru, with a Fast Company-approved digital marketing concern among his start-ups. Jeepers, who knew?

Meanwhile, Zahm worked the room with his camera and a perma-grin. Around midnight, as revelers began to head upstairs to the Boom Boom for more partying, he ditched the bow tie. "I got tired of it," he explained with a shrug, casting glances at his guests from behind his aviators. "Look at this," Zahm said, eyes darting. "You know, 20 years ago, when I started Purple with my girlfriend—who's not my girlfriend anymore, she lives in the countryside and grows vegetables now—20 years ago, Purple was a thing I made with friends." And, he continued, it pleased him very much to find himself still surrounded by friends. In the next 20 years, Zahm added, he very much hoped to widen the scope of the Purple mag mutual admiration society. "I think the next thing is, it's time to go from being a 'fashion' magazine to being a magazine. A magazine about everything—politics, technology, life."

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