Iggy Goes Pop

The Alpha Stooge Headlines the Brit Mag's Fashion Week Bash


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale   
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There's a certain democracy to the most exclusive fashion week parties. Arrive just before the ballyhooed, not-really-so-secret special guest is due to perform, and you'll find it's not only the gatecrashers who are stranded on the street, pressing against the doors, but a fair number of VIPs. Such was the case last night, as Pop magazine's Dasha Zhukova and DeLeon's Nur Khan Sessions brought Iggy Pop and the Stooges to the stage at Don Hill's. Pop's set was scheduled for 12:30; at midnight, the likes of Karen Elson and Charlotte Dellal were still outside the venue, conniving ways to get in.

Eventually, they both did. Dellal was wise to wear sky-high leopard-print wedges from her Charlotte Olympia line, as they afforded her at least a chance of sighting the shirtless Pop as he writhed and skipped onto the stage. Elson, meanwhile, found a perch on the risers, where she and Jamie Bochert led a mini-model mosh pit. Nearby, Terry Richardson snapped shots of the most seminal abdomen ever to emerge from Detroit over the heads of Giovanna Battaglia and co.

"As you are only too aware, it’s fashion week in New York City!" Pop bantered from the stage, a couple tunes in. "Just remember, fashion people: Your pretty faces are going to hell!" At that, he launched into a rendition of "Burn in Hell," and the crowd-surfing started. Pop took a stage dive himself, and later, he invited members of the crowd to dance onstage with him (much to the consternation of the security at Don Hill's).

It's worth pointing out that the Pop crowd wasn't limited to fashion folk—the rather motley audience also included Perry Farrell and Gavin Rossdale, and a particular gent in a plaid shirt and cowboy hat who didn't look famous, but who turned out to be the star sighting of the night. "I swear to God, he was one of the original Village People," Bochert said.

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