Fill 'Er Up

Standing Room Only at Alexander Wang's Explosive Gas-Station Shindig


Alexander Wang with Harley Viera-Newton and Mischa Barton   
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To celebrate Alexander Wang's Spring show and the launch of the latest issue of Love magazine, the fine folks at MAC and Milk Studios pulled out all the stops. And, thankfully, all the gasoline. Yes, the party was held at the fueling station on 14th Street and Tenth Avenue (after a whole afternoon of draining the tanks and drenching the venue with nonflammable suds). Wang told us he thought it was the perfect setting for his now-trademark polished street looks: How much more street cred can you get than a gas station?

Courtney Love went on first, singing both old songs and new in between hurling insults at her audience. Attempting to hush the crowd with a series of expletives, she screamed, "To the guy in the back waiting for 50 Cent to come on, he's not coming, a**hole." Santigold made a little nicer during her set. "I'm here because I live in this guy's clothes," she said of Wang. Despite the anti-fire measures, people still had a hard time forgetting the incendiary combination of gasoline and cigarettes. One of the cops standing by cracked wise that the party reminded him of the Zoolander scene in which three male models get into a gas fight and torch themselves. "I was in Zoolander," Frankie Rayder cooed to the men in blue. A few hair tosses from the model and her pal Lily Donaldson helped to further win over New York's Finest.

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