Another Crazy Night

Jefferson Hack and Co. Pack Them In at the Jane


Kirsten Dunst   
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To celebrate the new issue of Another Magazine, its editor in chief, Jefferson Hack, had a novel idea: "I thought we'd actually feed people," he said of the intimate meal he had served up for the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Jared Leto, Courtney Love, and Björk. "So we hired a food stylist to make the buffet look like the album cover of the Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet," he continued. "I thought that would be an appropriate theme for these trying times."

It was a gracious thought and made for a brief moment of respite from the week's craziness. This being the fashion crowd, though, only a few partook of the impressive spread. And besides, Hack was about to change things up. After the food was cleared, the Jane was transformed first into a concert venue for a performance by the Horrors and then a dance space. When the MisShapes took over the DJ decks, the doors were opened to nearly every downtown type in fashiondom, prompting Georgia Jagger, the night's hostess and current face of the party's sponsor, Hudson Jeans, to make an early exit. Turns out the daughter of Mick and Jerry doesn't quite get the fuss her lineage creates. "I really don't get it, to be perfectly honest," the blonde beauty said. "I still don't have that firm a grasp on why me being my parents' daughter is so interesting."

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