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L'Officiel Hommes and Another Magazine's Dueling Dinners


Jefferson Hack and Carine Roitfeld   
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Over the past year, New York City has been subjected to head-high snowdrifts, hellmouth summertime heat, and rains that were starting to feel biblical. It was easy to forget all that, though, as you sat lingering in the courtyard of the Standard Grill at last night's dinner celebrating L'Officiel Hommes. The weather was mesmerizingly perfect. So was the grilled octopus to start and the chocolate cake and pudding and whipped cream confection to end.

Anyway, it's perfectly obvious that dinner hosts André Balazs and André Saraiva made a deal with the devil and sold their eternal souls in exchange for one exceptionally pleasant evening. Saraiva recently came on board L'Officiel Hommes as its creative director and brought fashion director Tom Guinness and editorial director Timothee Verrecchia with him. "I'd say we've pushed the magazine to be more culturally engaged," explained Guinness, "and somewhat less trend-oriented. Men are just less interested in trends than women; for them, it's really about what's culturally inspiring." Guinness went on to say that his present cultural inspirations include the nineties Dutch and Belgian rave scene, classic menswear, and André Saraiva. "Obviously," he added, with a wink.

Downtown at the Fat Radish, Another Magazine's Jefferson Hack was serving up an extra-special dessert of his own, his infamous brownies. We're not at liberty to report who, in a crowd that included Carine Roitfeld, Daphne Guinness, and Salem's Jack Donoghue, actually indulged their sweet tooth. But we can tell you that those weren't the only treats on offer at the dinner, co-hosted by Krug. Before everyone headed to the after-party at Pulqueria nearby, they got a cigar on their way out the door.

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