Mick at Night

L'Wren Scott and Her Rolling Stone Beau Host a Dinner


L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger   
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Among fashion week celebrity encounters, it's hard to think of one as priceless as sharing the dance floor with Mick Jagger. That's what a handful of lucky partygoers got to do last night at Norwood, where the Stones frontman's belle, L'Wren Scott, hosted a dinner and after-party for her Spring collection. But will the fashion world ever produce anything as silky as Mick's two-step? Having brushed up against greatness, Dree Hemingway felt dizzy: "Do I never shower again?" For Maria Cornejo, it might have meant an end to partying. "I mean, who else do you want to see dance? Apart from Michael Jackson?"

Jagger floated up from the floor below, where he and Scott presided over a dinner table populated by the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and a very animated Baz Luhrmann. Earlier in the day, Scott had treated a small group of fashion press to another meal at her lunch presentation. "I thought about everything that I have experienced over the years during the shows," the former model and stylist explained. "Editors are running from show to show. I would usually find myself starving. I think everyone should get to have lunch, and I think the show should start on time." She drew the line at foot rubs, though: "I'm not gonna do, like, the Air France lounge." Another part of Scott's process, according to Jagger: "I tried all the dresses on first."

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