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Purple Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary the Purple Way: With Umpteen Gorgeous Girls


Victoire de Castellane, Olivier Zahm, and André Saraiva   
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One of the dangers of working in fashion is that it's easy to become convinced that everyone in the whole world is incredibly attractive. That danger was acute at the Purple magazine dinner hosted by Diane von Furstenberg last night. The third and perhaps final celebration of Purple's 20th anniversary, the dinner saw such professionally attractive people as Scarlett Johansson, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse, Jessica Stam, and Natalia Vodianova turning up to Chez Castel to raise a toast to the magazine and its perpetually be-sunglassed editor, Olivier Zahm.

But if the bevy of beauties left the merely very attractive remainder of guests feeling put out, there were other comforts to be had: the post-dinner dance party in the basement, a chat with DVF. She, of course, occupies that goddess zone of "legendary beauty." But even she's human. "Oh, I was feeling really sick for a few days," she said. "It's remarkable I even made it to Paris." Even legendary beauties have down days, thank heavens. But von Furstenberg still counts herself blessed. Asked how she came to be hosting the dinner for Purple, a magazine whose cover she graced not so long ago, von Furstenberg gave a mighty Gallic shrug. "Like everything wonderful in my life, it just happened." Some people just have all the luck.

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