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Ferretti Celebrates a New Demi-Couture Collection


Candice Lake and Tali Lennox   
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When Candice Lake's boyfriend proposed to her at Christmas on Palm Beach, just north of Sydney, she threw him in the sea. She's a big girl, so she can do things like that to a guy. "Is that a no?" he asked plaintively. No, it was a yes. Alberta Ferretti has offered to make the wedding dress. But that's not why Lake was on Ferretti's catwalk last night. Rather, she was one of the glamorous bloggers who'd been picked to send a message with Ferretti's "demi-couture." At the post-show dinner at Bistrot Giacomo, Ferretti was playing humble. "I couldn't pretend to do alta moda [haute couture]," she said, "but I feel confident to meet it halfway."

Hence, demi-couture. And that's why she was looking for new personalities: "a new communication," she called it. Her new communicators were conga-ing noisily through the restaurant at one point, but you can get away with that kind of thing when you're New Jazz Age babies. What was more impressive was the silver-foxiness of the alto Milanese on a Friday night out. They're so damn good-looking—and good at being with their friends—that it's enough to make a wound-up-tight Anglo-Saxon feel bereft.

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