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The Repossi Scion Parties With Her Jewelry-Loving Pals


Anouck Lepère   
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"All my girls are here," said Natalie Joos, glancing around the dining room at The Lion, where Gaia Repossi hosted a dinner for Anouck Lepère last night. Joos was referring to the stylish ladies who've appeared on her closet-porn blog Tales of Endearment, and sure enough, pretty much everyone she has featured up to now—Lepère, Repossi, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Jen Brill, Masha Orlov, Michelle Harper, and more—were gathered around the tables at The Lion, contentedly comparing notes on fashion week shows and munching beet salad and gnocchi.

The putative reasons for the dinner were as follows. First, it was Lepère's birthday. Second, Repossi and Lepère have teamed up to launch a special bracelet to benefit the Kageno foundation, a nonprofit that supports villages in Africa. Lepère has been involved with the foundation for a while—as she explained, over the past year or so she's taken several lengthy, mind-bending trips to Banda, in Rwanda. The bracelets she and Repossi are launching were braided in Africa, and all the profits will go back to Kageno. A more official launch event will be taking place at Colette in Paris next month.

It may be, though, that the real reason Repossi wanted to throw a dinner was because, well, she just likes throwing dinners. "It's so much better than a big party. I love giving people the opportunity to sit, talk, be relaxed for a while. Also," she added, "it's a nice way of saying thank you to my friends for all their support." Judging by the Repossi jewelry worn by all those stylish girls at dinner, the pieces have been thanks enough.

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