The Medium Is the Message

Alexis Dahan mixes photography and painting at his new show in London


Maggi Caruthers, Isabella Burley, Alexis Dahan, Charlotte Hayes-Jones, and Paula Goldstein   
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"His work is genre-defying, and that's why we sought him out," said Daniel Culver, manager of London's Rook & Raven Gallery, last night, where Alexis Dahan staged his latest exhibition: "The Sky Is Shaped by Its City Buildings." Dahan is a fashion photographer for some of the best in breed, yet the work closest to him is his own photography. For his new show, he shot skylines in black-and-white. The trick was that he made them look like paintings rather than photos—that's where the genre-defying bit comes in. "This whole thing took about four years—from when I first pointed my camera skyward to what you see today," Dahan told "I have been immersed in it, yes."

A diverse group sat down for dinner, including Isabella Blow's niece, and new It girl, Harriet Verney, budding artist and blogger Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Amy Molyneaux of PPQ, Rebecca Guinness, Calvin Klein underwear model Maggi Caruthers, and various collectors, the bulk of whom decamped to the after-party at Le Baron. When queried on how he made his photography look like paintings, Dahan shrugged his shoulders in a way only the French can do—with a little touch of the Canadian by quoting that country's beloved philosopher Marshall McLuhan: "It's not important—that is not the message. It's all about the medium."

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