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The Spanish Brand Takes Its Fall Fashion Show to Paris


Kate Moss and Terry Richardson   
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Mango has been holding fashion shows at home in Barcelona and Madrid for a while now, but the Spanish powerhouse has clearly decided it's time to up its cred on the international stage. And where better to do that than Paris?

With the precision (minus the punctuality) of a military operation, the brand commandeered the top floor of the Centre Pompidou and made full use of that plus the escalators—all five of them—as a catwalk. But first came the surprise opener: a video by Terry Richardson starring Kate Moss, in which the two careen through the streets of Paris in the back of a nondescript white van, with Kate hastily dressing in a diamanté-trimmed top and white smoking jacket before arriving at their destination accompanied by a passel of followers wearing Richardson paper masks.

Stepping off-screen and into real life, Moss and Richardson opened a Fall show that flaunted the brand's flair with the French fashion vocabulary, in an array of silver-flecked tweed jackets, L.B.D.'s, variations on the smoking, and burnished red or gold low-slung, rocker-chic pantsuits. "It was very easy, very evening, very sexy," commented Paris Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt as she vanished with Moss into the night.

Newly anointed global ambassadress Isabeli Fontana—who is reportedly also Paris Vogue's June/July cover girl—partied on. Of her new adventure, she noted, "There was definitely a time in my career where I felt like a hanger. But now I get to tap into who I really am and create an image that is modern, cool, and fun—I love rocking designer pieces with these collections. It's accessible and real. People get excited and inspired by that, and it makes my role so much fun."

The Fall fun starts in mid-July, when the Mango collection arrives in stores and online.

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