Palais Brothers

Berluti's Alessandro Sartori Welcomes Friends of the Brand to a Royal Dinner


Antoine Arnault and Alessandro Sartori   
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Long known as a purveyor of ultrafine footwear, Berluti is now proposing a whole men’s wardrobe—and what better way to show the world you're branching out than to book an entire public park? Last night, the Italian-blooded Parisian label did just that, transforming the gardens at the Palais Royal into its own little playland.

Candlelit turf walkways led to a hedge maze wherein suede-clad models lurked. "C'est magique," gushed one rapt observer. The labyrinth was just the gateway, though, to a series of man-of-the-world tableaux that included a glass-walled cigar lounge, a leathery study, and a laboratory in which bow ties were pinned up alongside butterfly specimens. More models in Alessandro Sartori's second menswear collection for Berluti occupied each scene, and guests were free to gravitate toward their favorite one—appropriately, Marisa Tomei lingered in front of a mockup of a classic Hollywood set.

"It's very Marie Antoinette for boys—and for men, of course," Ellen von Unwerth noted. The photographer said she needed some cheering up in the wake of Germany's devastating Euro Cup loss to Italy the night before—she's pals with the team, having photographed them for Strenesse—and Berluti's big-budget soirée seemed to do the trick.

Dita Von Teese was feeling much the same way. "I have an apartment here, so I just happen to be here, and I popped into the party that was most exciting," the burlesque queen told She couldn't have known that between the first and second courses, a balcony outside one of the apartments ringing the gardens would become the scene of an amorous threesome. Down below, a couple of cynics suggested the goings-on might be staged. Either way, it was quite the coup de théâtre—and cleverly, given all the sartorial savoir faire on display, one that involved very little in the way of clothing.

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