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Donatella Returns to the Ritz With an A-List Party


Jessica Alba, Donatella Versace, Elizabeth Banks, and M.I.A.   
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How many flashbulbs popped last night at the Atelier Versace show at the Ritz Paris and the dinner and disco party that followed? It seemed that no one was without a camera—not Tommy Ton or the dozens of other street-style photogrpahers that had staked out the Place Vendôme; not Anna Bauer, who set up a mini shoot to capture the notables during cocktail hour (smile, Christina Hendricks!); and not even Jessica Alba, who snapped away on her iPhone as M.I.A. played a DJ set at the after-party.

"Donatella knows how to have a good time, whether it's at a fitting or a show," the actress told She would've been hard-pressed to find anyone to disagree with her. Elizabeth Banks certainly didn't. In town celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary, she counseled this reporter on what it takes to fit into a Versace dress: "more bananas and less chocolate," she began. "Like Ben Franklin says, everything in moderation; no one gets fat eating a pile of brocolli."

If anyone wondered how Donatella keeps her lean, mean physique—which she showed off in no less than five outfit changes yesterday—they had only to see her in the party's VIP section, where she was the first one on her feet dancing to George Michael's "Freedom." "Sometimes the clothes do not make the man," Michael famously sang in that 1990 hit. He was right, they made the woman.

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