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It Was Bra Cups vs. the World Cup at Calvin Klein's Berlin Bash


Zoe Saldana, Francisco Costa, and Lara Stone   
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Fashion or football? At Calvin Klein's massive fête in Berlin last night, the American company's biggest-ever event in Europe, guests enjoyed both. That is, if "enjoyed" is the right word to describe the state of mind of the German attendees, who ended up seeing their country lose to Spain in the televised semifinal match. Still, there were compensations, like sipping Veuve and wandering through the city's stylishly dilapidated, historic mint building, refitted for the occasion with sculptural white platforms that served as stages for a fit squad of models.

Taking in the scene were Calvin-philes like Kellan Lutz, Lara Stone, Diane Kruger, and Na'vi princess and new face of the brand's underwear campaign Zoe Saldana. The Avatar actress told us she was looking forward to a stint in Paris later this summer, where she'll be filming the Luc Besson-scripted Colombiana—a Colombian La Femme Nikita, she called it. As for the best part of her new modeling gig? "Lots of free lingerie! Which I'm wearing right now, of course," she said. We took her word for it. Kruger, for her part, slipped a Germany jersey over her Collection minidress once she was finished with the red carpet. But back to underwear: One guest observed, "This is the first time I've seen two naked male models lounging around, and no one can take their eyes off the football match." Surely, things will get back to normal next week.

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