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Who's Hitting All the Parties—and Who's Hitting the Beach—at Art Basel


Vladislav Doronin, Naomi Campbell, Eva Chow, and Aby Rosen   
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"Let the party-hopping begin!" Shala Monroque announced at Interview magazine's Thursday night cocktail bash at the Mondrian. "I'm checking off my first box for the evening." Like the rest of the Art Basel Miami Beach crew, Monroque had at least three more parties to get to, though Interview's event remained fully (if not over-) subscribed. "We just extended the cocktail hour another hour," the magazine's editor at large, Christopher Bollen, explained. "Turns out we don't have as many seats for dinner as we have people here, so we're counting on some people leaving—or at least sticking to liquids for the rest of the night." Also keeping the crowd on its feet was a live a cappella performance by the Scandinavian singer Nils Bech. What with all the socializing and cocktailing and art-gawking, it's easy to forget that this is a beach town, but some guests have been taking advantage of the local attractions. "You'll go mad if you come down here and don't enjoy Miami," said Ryan McGinley. "I just got out of the water—look, my hair is still wet!"

True party overload, meanwhile, was going into effect at the recently opened W on Collins Avenue. Three affairs were packed onto the hotel's ground floor, all taking off at the same time: Aby Rosen, Alberto Mugrabi, and Peter Brant's super-casual outdoor buffet; Cartier's rather more formal sit-down at Mr. Chow; and a rowdy dance party at the Wall, hosted by Stavros Niarchos, Alex Dellal, and Vito Schnabel. "I think everyone I know in Miami is here tonight," Brant smiled as he greeted the likes of Naomi Campbell, Calvin Klein, and Stephen Dorff. "Which isn't to say that I know everyone here. But as long as everyone is having fun, I'm happy." Over in the mirrored and disco-lighted Wall nightclub, the young hosts were feigning a bit of party anxiety. Schnabel teased Niarchos about following up on his RSVPs, and Dellal offered to drag in some people off the street. Not that they had anything to worry about: The place was soon packed with good-time girls like Nicky Hilton, China Chow, and Lauren Santo Domingo. Back at the Cartier dinner, Eva Chow was contemplating the specially constructed glass cases showing millions of dollars' worth of diamonds. "This isn't how the restaurant typically is decorated," she reflected. "Which is a good thing. I don't think my husband would want me looking at this too often."

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