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Art Basel parties from The Standard to the Soho Beach House


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The Standard Spa and Hotel in Miami Beach has long been an Art Basel pit stop—actually, more like an oasis. Judging by last night's duo of dinners celebrating André Saraiva and Jean Pigozzi's Artist of the Day poster series and Spike Jonze's new movie, Her, it's still the see-and-be-seen spot on the weeklong circuit.

Riffing on his Dream Concerts Art Series, an edition of screens featuring fantasy musical lineups, Saraiva tapped Jean Pigozzi to photograph the artists Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst, and Takashi Murakami, turned the images into posters, and plastered "thousands" of them around South Beach. "It's a bit like, you know, every day has a saint," Saraiva told amid a crowd that included Lily Cole and Scout Willis. "But then also, you see these posters when there's a reward out for someone, when you're looking to put them in jail."

Across the deck, Jonze's dinner drew the likes of Ryan McGinley, Jeffrey Deitch, and Scott Campbell. A comedy about a man who falls in love with artificial intelligence (think of Siri, except a million times more communicative and advanced), Her opens on December 18, but earlier in the evening, Warner Bros. and Annapurna Pictures hosted a special screening down the block, on Lincoln Road. "It's crazy how fast you get emotionally involved with the movie," one guest noted.

Meanwhile, at the Soho Beach House, artists, their supporters, and more than a few Valentino Resort 2014-sporting party girls (Harley Viera-Newton and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor included) gathered to celebrate Artsy's initiative with the CalArts. "The event was started primarily for our gallery partners, for believing in the long-term potential of Artsy," said founding partner Sebastian Cwilich, as revelers sipped champagne, feet in the sand. "But personally," added cofounder Carter Cleveland, "I'm very excited about the idea of raising money for students to have more resources in college." Even as Artsy grows, Cleveland pointed out, "we're still a start-up; it's seven of us staying in one hotel room—and it's so fun. College is where I started Artsy, so our new initiative with CalArts really brings me back to that."

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