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Freida Pinto and friends rally for Plan International in Gstaad


Freida Pinto   
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Hypothesis: Fear makes people more generous. The slopes were particularly icy on Saturday, as VIPs and high rollers from all over the globe gathered in Gstaad for the annual A Small World winter weekend festivities. Arizona Muse, Élodie Bouchez, Thomas Bangalter, Anthony Vaccarello, Kyleigh Kuhn, and Chelsea Leyland were among the far-flung guests who convened at Valentino's favorite Gstaad Palace hotel, and after much skiing and spa-ing, not to mention some intensely picturesque mountaintop fondue, the event culminated in a gala dinner to benefit Plan International, a child-focused organization that works in developing nations worldwide. This year's haul more than doubled that of last year, to the tune of $200,000 or so. Coincidence? There's nothing quite like the fear of being flung headfirst down an Alpen ski run to open the old purse strings…

Or, Hypothesis II: Freida Pinto makes people more generous. The Slumdog Millionaire star flew in all the way from Mumbai to help shake down the ASW crew, as part of her role of ambassador for Plan International. Clad in a sari-style gown by Indian designer Anamika Khanna, Pinto had the crowd wrapped around her finger even before she started talking up Plan's "Because I Am a Girl" campaign. "This will be the best drunk donation you ever made," she joked from the stage. "I promise, you will not have any regrets in the morning." Shortly thereafter, Pinto exhorted pretty much everyone at the dinner to donate $100 apiece, by calling on anyone with that money to spare to stand up. "Do you have $100 to give to the education of girls? Stand if you are willing to share just $100…." Peer pressure, applied with a silky touch. Pretty much everyone stood, and the donation was applied to the hotel bills the following morning. Freida Pinto should be president of everything. And while we're at it, indoor/outdoor Jacuzzis for everyone!

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