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At T Magazine's Fête: Cruise, Tarantino, and "the Hot Chick From Avatar"


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes   
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Hollywood is a tough town. One minute, you're white-hot; the next, you're shilling what's left of your dignity on Celebrity Fit Club—so when you find yourself in the winner's circle, you deserve a little pomp and circumstance. That's where PR maven Peggy Siegal, hotel magnate André Balazs, and the good folks at The New York Times' T Magazine come in. The Friday night cocktail party they hosted in honor of the Golden Globes Awards at the Chateau Marmont penthouse and its adjoining patio was, in a word, mayjah. Vintage Dom Pérignon 2000 flowed like the recession was but a distant memory to a guest list that, in terms of star power, rivaled that of the awards ceremony itself.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise, Oliver Stone, Julianne Moore, Tom Ford, Jane Fonda, current T cover girl Carey Mulligan, Quentin Tarantino, and Sofia Coppola were all packed into the space. In fact, the penthouse soon swelled to capacity, and late-coming guests were made to cool their designer heels in the hotel's bar.

Upstairs, chitchat turned to Sunday night's ceremony. "I've been up with anxiety for a few nights now with what to say if I win," admitted Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series nominee Chloë Sevigny. A Single Man's Moore, who's up for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, demurred, "I don't think I'm in any danger of winning. Mo'Nique's going to get it. She was great." But it wasn't all awards talk. Spying Zoe Saldana, Stephen Dorff turned to his friend. "Check it out. There's the hot chick from Avatar!" he whispered. Apparently, even stars get starstruck.

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