More to Life Than Movies?

Hollywood Celebrates Art, Not Film, at Calvin Klein Collection's Latest Fête


Penélope Cruz   
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Here's a novel idea: a VIP event smack-dab in the middle of L.A.'s awards season where no one is handing out prizes. Maybe that's why stars like Kate Bosworth, Ginnifer Goodwin, Rachel Griffiths, and Milla Jovovich were in such good spirits at the party Calvin Klein Collection's Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli threw last night to celebrate L.A. Arts Month. Given the occasion, there was lots of art on display, including an installation, Pattern Folds, by Jean Shin, that incorporated the fabrics Costa uses in his runway show. It made for a nice backdrop for Penélope Cruz, who, like most of the A-listers in attendance, was dressed in a look by the designer.

"I wake up every morning and think about what has happened in Haiti, and what we need to do. I can't go anywhere and not talk about it," Cruz told us, plugging her friend the director Paul Haggis' charity, Artists for Peace and Justice. "But I don't want to sound too heavy tonight. I love Francisco and what he's doing for Calvin Klein. He's such a kind man, and so much fun." With his next collection scheduled to hit the catwalk in exactly three weeks, Costa couldn't have too much of that on this trip. "I arrived today, and I'm here for less than 24 hours, which is hard for me," the designer cried. "I'm from Brazil. Give me beaches and sunshine!"

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