Toast of Tinseltown

The Stars Sound Off on Who They're Backing—and Who They're Wearing—This Oscar Night


Milla Jovovich, David O. Russell, Joan Collins, and Paz de la Huerta   
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It's Oscars week, and Hollywood is suiting up. Last night at Eveleigh, a rustic-looking new restaurant on the Sunset Strip, those suits were by Brioni—the label joined Vanity Fair in sponsoring a cocktail party for Artists for Peace and Justice and outfitted the evening's host, Pierce Brosnan. The former 007 opted to linger coolly by the bar, leaving the Haiti charity's main mover, Paul Haggis, to do the heavy schmoozing. The Social Network's Armie Hammer, also in the crowd, will be attending the Academy Awards for the first time on Sunday. "This is my first rodeo. I'm too new at it to have my own superstitions yet," the actor said. And keeping his tuxedo a secret clearly isn't one of them—Hammer said he'll be wearing Armani. "And I'm tying my own bow tie," he boasted.

The Fighter has much longer odds than The Social Network. "We are for sure the underdog," the film's director, David O. Russell, admitted at the dinner Interview magazine and Hugo Boss threw for him a few blocks down the Strip at the Mondrian. "But how can you lose? You got to be part of this thing." It's also hard to be much of a pessimist when the Moët is flowing and you've got Milla Jovovich and Paz de la Huerta tugging at you from both sides.

Ed Westwick, meanwhile, announced he'd thrown in his lot with Colin Firth and The King's Speech—"I have to go fellow Brit, don't I?"—and screen legend Karen Black rhapsodized about another safe bet, Christian Bale. "That was the most brilliant performance in years," she said of Bale's attention-grabbing turn in The Fighter. Of course, now that the votes are cast, large parts of Tinseltown have moved on to other concerns. "Everyone I know is getting jewels, or a dress. They're worried about how tall their heels should be, whether they should put their hair up, should they get real diamonds," Black sighed. "You would not believe how hard it is to get ready for the Oscars. And this isn't even being deep [about it] in any way. This is being shallow."

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