"Have You Ever Tried to Say No to Harvey?"

Dior Toasts the Irrepressible Mr. Weinstein in L.A.


Sharon Stone   
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One of the big stories this Oscar season has been how Harvey Weinstein got his groove back. Judging from the impressive turnout at the dinner party Dior threw the indestructible movie mogul last night at the Chateau Marmont, it's a tale that everyone (including Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Adrien Brody, and Gerard Butler) wants to be a part of. Not that the house of Dior needs help wrangling A-list talent. But Anne Hathaway might have put it best: "Have you ever tried to say no to Harvey?"

According to Weinstein, it was Marion Cotillard who talked him into doing the dinner in the first place. "I'm not the new face of Dior," he joked. Sharon Stone, who has appeared in the label's ads, was quick to announce she'll be wearing Dior on Sunday. "John [Galliano] sent me the most beautiful dress," she cooed.

With both The Fighter and The King's Speech in the running, there's every chance Weinstein will be toting some extra gold around to Sunday's after-parties. He always watches the nominations with one of his children for good luck, he explained after the post-dinner performance by Karen Elson. "But once the voting ends," he added, "there's nothing I can do about it, so I just try to stay calm and throw a couple parties—a lot of parties."

It's been a week for charitable causes, too. Scarlett Johansson was slated to host the Art of Elysium's fundraiser at Siren Studios, until being summoned last-minute to the set of Cameron Crowe's We Bought a Zoo. (She did, however, leave a trio of don't-mess-with-me bids at the silent auction.) Ginnifer Goodwin, making the most of pre-Oscars festivities, swung by on her way to the Chateau. "I'm exhausted," she confessed. "And I'm not even a part of anything that's nominated!"

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