Tommy's New Girl

Hilfiger and Deschanel get together in L.A.


Ally Hilfiger and Tommy Hilfiger   
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Tommy Hilfiger has tapped into Zooey Deschanel's geek-chic appeal and teamed up with the actress for a new capsule collection: To Tommy, From Zooey. Celebrating the partnership last night in L.A., the designer toasted the adorkable starlet alongside Jennifer Morrison, Angie Harmon, Malin Akerman, and Deschanel's New Girl costars Hannah Simone and Max Greenfield. "I met her at a lunch and I saw what she was wearing and I thought, Oh my God, this girl really knows what's going on," Hilfiger said of a vintage seersucker look Deschanel was wearing. "I thought we could do her quirky preppy aspiration with our sensibility and it would be a great collaboration."

Deschanel, for her part, said she took the design task seriously. "All the details were sort of fun for me—the buttons, the zipper pulls, the trim, all the little collars, adding my flair to his flair. It was kind of like having someone make all the things in your head come into reality."

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