With a Little Help From Their Friends

The Last Magazine Brings Together Pals and Collaborators in L.A.


Tenzin Wild, Mazdack Rassi, and Magnus Berger   
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After a blowout bash that celebrated the launch of The Last Magazine's Malgosia Bela-covered eighth issue on—appropriately—the last night of New York fashion week, all eyes were once again on Magnus Berger and Tenzin Wild. Perfectly poised between two very busy Coachella weekends, the private dinner, co-hosted by Mazdack Rassi, the founder and creative director of Milk Studios, picked up where February left off and brought out Hannah Bronfman, Jenne Lombardo, and Lily Donaldson. "We actually did our first event when we first launched the magazine almost four years ago at Milk in New York, so it's like they're part of the family now," Berger explained. "And a lot of our friends were going to be at Coachella the weekend before or after, so why not come to L.A.?"

Last Mag may, in fact, be the friendliest magazine around. Asked what his favorite part of making the title is, Wild said, "The collaboration with these friends and artists. It's a labor of love because we get to do whatever we want. There are no boundaries and no rules." Friend in residence Phillip Lim had nothing but good things to say. "They're supportive of young designers. And I love the content and the subject matters that they curate. It's like they're rooting for the underdogs."

In step with its New York predecessor, dinner was just the beginning. Sweden's Icona Pop soon after hit the tables for a DJ set.

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