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Celebs Talk Green at Stella McCartney's World Environment Day Party


Cameron Diaz and Daryl Hannah   
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By day, the back of the Stella McCartney store in West Hollywood is a parking lot. But on Friday, otherwise known as World Environment Day, the gas-guzzling BMWs were replaced by picnic tables, cotton candy and popcorn machines, baskets full of vegan food, and an outdoor movie screen to premiere Home, a socially conscious documentary directed by Yann-Arthus Bertrand and distributed by Luc Besson and François-Henri Pinault, the chairman and CEO of PPR. The evening was, in part, sponsored by Lexus.

The designer remained back in London. "Have a drink, but not too many," she advised the crowd via a taped recording. "L.A., you drive too much. Take a walk. Ride the bus." In her place, some of the vegan designer's most environmentally friendly champions, including Liv Tyler, Cameron Diaz, and a late-showing Charlize Theron, held down the fort.

As for what the assorted celebs did on World Environment Day to help the world around them, they were only too happy to share. "I didn't buy anything. I tended the garden. You know, I grow my own food and I'm trying to figure out how to make my own fuel," said Daryl Hannah. (Her Web site,, chronicles some of her environmental pursuits.) Bones star Emily Deschanel chimed in: "I ate vegan meals. I drove my hybrid. I used environmentally efficient lightbulbs. The list is endless." Rosario Dawson, for her part, "didn't use plastic bags at the farmers' market." And Tyler, who recently transplanted herself and her son to the West Coast, said, "We have lemon trees in our backyard. We're growing raspberries. We have a hammock. It's perfect."

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