Still Wild at Heart

David Lynch Stage Directs a Surreal Experience for Dom Pérignon


David Lynch   
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Commissioned by Dom Pérignon to design a limited-edition bottle for its The Power of Creation series, iconic director David Lynch let his surreal inclinations show at its debut in Hollywood last night. The experiential evening took guests, including Lykke Li, Kelly Osbourne, and Ed Ruscha, through a labyrinth of rooms, culminating in a gallery of installations representing the work that went into the bottle's design. Laura Harring, whom Lynch directed in Mulholland Dr., recognized the auteur's unmistakable touches at every turn—and not only because he was doodling on the gallery's interactive chalkboard. "Through his voice and his look, he sets the tone for you. He uses the minimal amount of words and you're in his world—and it truly is a Lynchian world."

After the bottle got its moment in the spotlight, one of Lynch's all-time favorite bands, the Kills, took the stage. For Liz Goldwyn, whose father made Wild at Heart with Lynch in 1990, seeing the director again was a journey back to her adolescence. "Twin Peaks was on the air and he was dating Isabella Rossellini at the time, so she was around," Goldwyn remembered. "David Lynch has the kind of style that plays with darkness and an eroticism that at that age felt exciting to me…and a little bit forbidden."

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