Hammer Time

L.A.'s Hammer Museum Honors Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman


Tom Ford and Gelila Assefa Puck   
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L.A.'s often called a one-industry town, but notables from the worlds of art, music, design, fashion, and film proved the old adage wrong on Saturday night at the Hammer Museum's tenth annual Gala in the Garden. Co-chaired by Armie Hammer, great-grandson of the museum's founder, and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, the event paid tribute to the artists Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman. In the crowd: Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Ed Ruscha, Tom Ford, Steve Martin, and Rachel Maddow. Katy Perry, who performed a special five-song set after dinner, had words of praise for both artists. "Visual art is a great creative expression of individuality," she said. Calling Kruger's work "thought-provoking," she continued, "I adore Cindy Sherman's iconic images of personality and passion."

And Perry wasn't the only one offering accolades. Rachel Griffiths, for her part, was quick to point out the evening's element of female power. "Barbara's such a monument of outspokenness," she said. "She's on the Mount Rushmore of American artists." Rodarte's Laura Mulleavy, meanwhile, was eager to reconnect with the art that she'd studied in school. "It's exciting to have two of the greatest artists of the twentieth century together in one space like this."

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