The Shortest Musical You Will Never See Again

Lady Gaga and the Bolshoi at MOCA


Lady Gaga and Francesco Vezzoli   
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The Museum of Contemporary Art's 30th anniversary celebration in L.A. on Saturday night mixed Hollywood big shots—even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got a sitter for the private tour—with the international art and fashion sets. To mark the occasion, the event's honorary co-chairs, Dasha Zhukova and Larry Gagosian, commissioned a performance piece by Francesco Vezzoli. Collaborating with Russia's Bolshoi Ballet and a Miuccia Prada-styled Lady Gaga, the Italian artist cooked up a one-time-only work that consisted of a single song played live on a Damien Hirst-customized Steinway piano. It was, as Vezzoli explained, "the shortest musical you will never see again." Almost as attention-grabbing was the gaggle of swimsuit-clad models called the MOCA-ettes, who helped auction off the Hirst piano for $450,000. (In all, the evening raised $4 million.)

After the piano was rolled away and the vodka shots ran dry, the crowd moved to an abandoned store in the heart of West Hollywood for a Pop magazine party. Sure, Tom Ford pointed out the less-than-stellar lighting on the Sunset Strip, but with the star wattage on display, no one seemed to mind. And heck, at least there was more than one bathroom. (Back at the museum, there had been a single Porta-Potty for the 1,000-plus guests—it became the chicest mobile facility in the history of the world when Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth went in there together.) In the middle of the after-party was Pop's cover girl Tavi. "Oh, I'm just meeting my personal icons tonight," she sighed, which was decidedly more glam than what she'd been doing earlier in the week. "I got a black eye playing volleyball in gym class. It's a good thing I have bangs."

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