Up at the Chateau

Sofia Coppola and Co. Celebrate Somewhere


Elle Fanning and Sofia Coppola   
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A few attendees at last night's L.A. premiere of Somewhere complained of a chill, but not Erin Wasson. The model—who has a cameo as a Party Girl in Sofia Coppola's new flick—stated, "I just got back from Russia. This is not fucking cold." She had proved the point by donning a thin jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and pompom embellishment by Louis Vuitton, the night's sponsor. "I didn't know what to expect," Wasson said of her experience on set. "I'd met Sofia at fashion parties, but to see her work, she was so beautifully soft-spoken. Stephen Dorff said she didn't want the lead actors running lines together before shooting because she wanted everything to be natural."

Hollywood newcomer Elle Fanning, who plays Dorff's daughter in the film, showed her own sartorial chops in a black Valentino dress that got a thumbs-up from her big sister Dakota. "I have to get her approval," Fanning said of her famous sib. If the Fanning sisters share a love for designer wares (in Elle's case, vintage in particular), they're not necessarily swapping wardrobes just yet. "She does not like it when I take her clothes," the younger Fanning laughed. "That's one of our number one arguments."

Coppola, who's releasing a follow-up line of handbags in collaboration with Louis Vuitton in new colors this spring, told "I wrote Somewhere when I was living in Paris and feeling a bit homesick for American pop culture. And I was thinking about when I lived in L.A." As for any particularly raucous nights at the Chateau? "I have memories of decadent moments there, which were fun…but nothing to share."

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