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The YMA Scholarship Fund Honors Elbaz


Alber Elbaz   
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Things really came full circle for Alber Elbaz last night at the YMA FSF National Scholarship Awards Dinner, where Lynn Hirschberg presented him with the Geoffrey Beene Impact Award. When Elbaz moved to New York twenty-five years ago, he tried at length to get a job designing for Beene. "When I called in 1988, they told me to call back in 1989. When I called in the summer, they told me to call in the winter." His persistence eventually yielded not only a job but also a friendship with the company receptionist, who was Elbaz's date for the evening. More nostalgia was shared when the Geoffrey Beene Foundation's Mara Hutton showed off her vintage Beene dress and Elbaz lifted up her skirt to point out that the navy netted lining was his addition years ago. "Usually befriending interview subjects is frowned upon," CNN's Alina Cho told "But with Alber, it's impossible not to."

To qualify for the scholarship, the students were tasked with creating a pop-up concept store using modern technology. Some imagined vintage stores where scanning an item on a smartphone tells you all about the history of that garment, others came up with interactive shopping holograms projected onto the city streets. Elbaz's hope for the future rang particularly poignant as he wished them the best. "Run away from laziness, work hard. Touch intuition and listen to the heart, not marketing directors. Dream."

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