Can You Feel It Coming?

Future-Divining At The New Museum's Next Generation Party


Audrey Gelman, Terry Richardson, and Lucy Chadwick   
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New Year's resolutions were surely broken at the New Museum's second annual Next Generation party, but what the heck, the future was being planned for. The kickoff event for the museum's 2015 Generational, a triennial exhibition of emerging artists, the benefit drew the sort of young and irreverent crowd that's often in short supply at fundraisers.

Of course, that's what the Generational is about. (Previous editions have been called Younger than Jesus and The Ungovernables.) The most sought-after man in the room was artist Ryan Trecartin, who is co-curating the exhibition with the museum's Lauren Cornell. "I'm extremely honored that they asked me," he shouted, barely making himself heard above the noise.

Trecartin revealed that one Generational contributor had been confirmed: Dis magazine, which had models in promotion-friendly white bodysuits ("YOUR LOGO HERE") posing animatedly with guests against an illuminated backboard. Many eagerly jumped into the frame, but not Terry Richardson. "The lights freak me out," he said.

As the gin and vodka started running low at the bar, cohosts Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian said they understood why the New Museum was working so far in advance. "Part of being a fashion designer is knowing what people are going to do, being able to feel the air du temps," Wolk explained. The MAC collaboration they released this summer was more than two years in the making. But Wolk conceded that he and Morais hadn't done much future-divining—or anything else, for that matter—on New Year's Eve. "We were babysitting our friend's cats."

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