House of Sprouse: Round Two

Another Party Celebrating the Late Designer


Debbie Harry and Maripol   
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They say fashion's fickle, but tell that to all the New Yorkers who can't get enough of Stephen Sprouse. Having already fêted the late designer last Thursday at a high-profile Louis Vuitton launch, an art opening, and a rock show, the likes of Marc Jacobs, André Balazs, and Debbie Harry seemed more than up for another commemorative shindig Tuesday night at Atelier.

The cause for celebration this time: Roger and Mauricio Padilha's The Stephen Sprouse Book. With so many of its essay and interview contributors available for autographs (Teri Toye co-hosted with Harry), sales were brisk. "Stephen was a designer unlike anyone else, so it was really important to make the book not look like any other book," Roger said. Among those charmed by the absent page numbers and abundant visuals (including the six photos the authors coaxed out of Steven Meisel) was Details founder Annie Flanders. "All those designer biographies are so boring, and this has everything," she enthused. "I think it's one of the few designer books that's really going to do really well." Flanders' presence was further testament to Sprouse's undiminished drawing power. "I live in L.A. I swore that I'd never come to New York again in the winter," she said. "But I wouldn't have missed this for anything."


Click here to see video footage of Louis Vuitton's Sprouse party.

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