Up At Joshua's Place

The Violinist Trades Carnegie Hall For His Flatiron Loft


Julianna Margulies and Joshua Bell   
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New York's screen stars took a break from the awards-show circuit last night to listen to some music. Grammy-award-winning violinist Joshua Bell invited guests to his Flatiron loft for a performance in celebration of Education Through Music, an organization that integrates music literacy into inner-city school curricula. The timing couldn't have been more spot-on—Bell just received an Oscar nomination for "Before My Time," a song he performed with Scarlett Johansson for the documentary Chasing Ice. Mary-Louise Parker was excited to finally meet Bell. "I was enamored with the whole subway experiment he did," referring to the time in 2007 when Bell played a subway station incognito, during rush hour, two nights after selling out Boston's Symphony Hall.

Host Meryl Streep sent her regrets. "She has the flu!" Bell announced between songs, then added, "Thanks for coming straight from work, Julianna. I realize you were just in court an hour ago." Margulies and her costar Christine Baranski were fresh off the set of The Good Wife. "I played the bass guitar in a rock band in high school for five seconds, and I realized I just wasn't good enough," Margulies told "So I searched for other talents."

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