One Pill Can Change Your Life

Rooney Mara, Jude Law, and Co. talk Side Effects


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Rooney Mara might be getting typecast. Her latest character, Emily Taylor, struggles with depression in Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects, a psychosexual thriller with more twists and turns than the typical Big Pharma morality play. "As an actor, I like to play complex, tortured characters. So I can peel away all the layers," Mara told at last night's Cinema Society screening. But when are we going to see her lighter side, in a comedy perhaps? "When the right one comes along, I guess!" Maybe she would be a good fit for a dark comedy—Rooney's cousin John Mara Jr. confirmed that she, in fact, dressed as Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween one year.

Two of the film's other characters were unexpected additions. Channing Tatum plays a financier who (spoiler!) meets his demise early in the movie. "He is the Janet Leigh in Psycho!" Soderbergh proclaimed. Catherine Zeta-Jones' role as a conniving psychiatrist, meanwhile, was originally written for a man. "I'm not sure if there was something genetic going on because Michael Douglas was in Fatal Attraction," said the director of Zeta-Jones' husband. "But she just had this voice, this psychology, which made her fit." Zeta-Jones added, "The dynamic of me being a woman ups the stakes a lot."

After the screening, guests gathered at Stone Rose Lounge for a Michael Kors-hosted after-party, where Vinessa Shaw, Jude Law's disgruntled partner in the movie, joked about filming a really pivotal slap scene: "Jude just told me to go for it, and I don't have a good stage slap, so it was pretty hard!" That slap notwithstanding, Law reported, "It's enjoyable to be in the hands of a director who relishes the complexity of humans, playing those characters is fun, and very rewarding."

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