Target Aces It

The Retailer Celebrates Five Years of Its GO International Collaborations


Thakoon, Bad News, and Richard Chai   
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"You know how you have to go to other cities to raid the Target collections?" Lake Bell asked us last night at the Opening Ceremony Ace Hotel, where stars and designers celebrated five years of Target's GO International collaborations. "I was lucky to be in Wilmington when Rogan was doing their thing, so I really got lots of Rogan." Guests who weren’t able to snatch up the label's leopard-print minidress the first time around welcomed the second chance. That's not to say they didn’t have to fight the usual crowds that come with a dress by the dashing Mr. Gregory priced under $40.

"I have my eye on a couple things, but I'm struggling to get to them," said Anna Sui, who created a Gossip Girl-inspired line for the chain, as she tried to make her way through the frenzied store. Meanwhile, we spotted a Gossip Girl who had already reached one of her Target items. Michelle Trachtenberg, with a flirty blue Tucker dress in hand, said, "I'm trying to wrap my mind around being girlier over the summer." Liv Tyler, for her part, remained fixated on the red caps the salespeople were wearing. "I'm obsessed with them—I want one," she said. After the men's sweater she rocked at the Givenchy after-party the other night, ("I was a little embarrassed because I got there and Kanye West had the same one on—I have never had that happen before"), we sense Tyler might be looking for a new look.

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