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Divergent's love interests Shailene Woodley and Theo James work the red carpet


Shailene Woodley   
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The Cinema Society screened Divergent last night, a dystopic teen action flick starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James, based on the massively successful books by Veronica Roth. One hundred years after what is referred to as "The War," society is divided into factions—warriors, intelligentsia, farmers, and so forth—and the plot kicks off when Woodley's character, Beatrice, discovers that she is "divergent." Unable to be categorized, Beatrice becomes an enemy of the state. In one pivotal scene, she eschews the dowdy, drab clothes of her peasant upbringing by tossing them into an incinerator. As she grows into her role as heroine, she adopts sleek, sporty ribbed knits and pants with articulated seams—the better to fight in.

Woodley wore an Elie Saab jumpsuit with metallic Brian Atwood pumps to the screening, and in a tender moment, pulled off her heels on the red carpet after finishing her video interviews: "Well, I already passed all the cameras!" For the after-party at The Wayfarer, she made a costume change into a slouchy camo tee, leggings, and Converse. She told, "I ate a lot of dinner tonight and just needed to relax. You always have to bring a change of clothes to the party!" James, Woodley's costar, seemed genuinely smitten: "Sometimes in movies, if women are trying to become strong or tough, they have to almost become a male archetype—Shailene is strong, without sacrificing her femininity."

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