Ball Gowns on the Bowery

Frock Drama at Save Venice's Annual Ball


Lara Meiland   
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If the social scene has lost some of its luster due to the economy, you wouldn't have known it Friday at the annual masked ball thrown by Save Venice, the New York-based organization that has raised more than $20 million to restore over 350 works of art and architecture in Italy's famed canal city. Sure, tickets were less expensive this year and it was cocktails at the Bowery Hotel rather than dinner at Cipriani, but the aesthetics were all intact: Antony Todd had transformed the hotel's outdoor patio into a Venetian palazzo, and thanks to fashion sponsor Cho Cheng, there was plenty of lace and flounce. In fact, there was even a bit of dress drama: Frock watchers who remembered Tinsley Mortimer wearing a giant pink Cheng gown to the Met Ball in 2005 were shocked—shocked!—to see a reveler show up in the same look at this party.

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