Stealing Beauty

Rosario Dawson hypnotizes Danny Boyle, and Paper magazine celebrates the pretty people


Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson   
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"Movies are hypnosis—if they're good," director Danny Boyle told last night at the Cinema Society screening of his new film, Trance. "The outside world you forget, you believe a flickering light on a screen, and you laugh and you cry. That's a hypnotic trance." Boyle's art-heist flick features Rosario Dawson as a hypnotherapist helping James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel get to the bottom of a missing-painting case. McAvoy sent regrets. He's playing Macbeth in London, so the attention fell to his costars. Dawson got into the role by spending months working with hypnotherapists, a feat of Method acting Boyle applauded before the screening began, calling her one of the great unexploited talents of American cinema.

Meanwhile, atop the Standard, Paper magazine celebrated the release of its sixteenth annual "Beautiful People" issue. "Paper throws a great party," Thakoon Panichgul said. "You see freaks and geeks and crazy people—it's all up for grabs." The downtown kids came out in full force, punctuated here and there by more Establishment night-lifers like Victoria Bartlett and Paper's own Mickey Boardman. The party was underwritten by Bloomberg-friendly vapor cigarette brand NJoy, so everyone was lighting up indoors in a way the city hasn't seen in years. "I love that everyone is smoking in here. I feel like I'm back at Area!" said Boardman. Not all the young people understood the editorial director's reference. "Google it!" he said, speaking a bit more our speed.

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