Leave No Stone Unturned

Talking diamonds with Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel at Tiffany's Blue Book celebration


Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish   
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Tiffany & Co. unveiled its annual Blue Book collection with a party at the Guggenheim Museum last night. Although it wasn't quite as titanic a production as last year's Jazz Age Gatsby blowout, a crowd of clients, fans, and socialites nevertheless stepped out in support of shiny things in blue boxes. A benefit of this year's lower-key affair was that the focus was more on the jewels themselves, and with the array of rare diamonds and stones on display around the museum's ground floor, there was plenty to focus on.

Katie Holmes was so enamored with the 27-carat sapphire ring she got to borrow for the evening that she called over her friends earlier in the afternoon to try it on. Her love affair with jewelry began with a charm she and her sisters passed down to each other on their sweet sixteens. "It's nice to have graduated to this, though," she said. "It's just incredible."

Jessica Biel also started collecting jewelry in her teens: "My first piece was one of those collapsible mesh Tiffany rings. I still have it!" She, too, has graduated—her favorite piece today being her engagement ring from husband Justin Timberlake. But it's not about carats for Biel: "It's easy to say jewelry is sparkly and beautiful, but it's more about how it comes from the earth. Mother Nature is the most spectacular artist. She makes these things that look like nothing, then people find them and clean them up. What's the energy inside a stone? That's what I'm intrigued by."

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