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Celebrating Jewelry for Power Women, and Dresses for Dessert


Jeremy Everett and Gaia Repossi   
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"I thought Jeff was going to limit us in terms of the designs we got to work with, but he said, 'My world is yours,' " Lisa Perry reported at her Upper East Side boutique last night. "I mean, wow."

The Jeff in question is Jeff Koons, the latest artist to lend his work to Perry's designs, following Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. And unlike the late Pop artists, Koons was able to come appreciate the results. "This cocktail dress with the whipped cream and a cherry on it," he said of one frock that replicated one of his whipped cream paintings, "the bottom looks like it could be coconut."

After cocktails, the group decamped to Perry's art-filled Sutton Place penthouse (the former home of C.Z. Guest) for a dinner with Tory Burch, Yvonne Force Villareal, and David Maupin. "I would like to propose a toast to Jeff," Perry said before the appetizers were served, "whose heart is as big as the diamond on the terrace." That would be the five-foot-tall Koons Diamond sculpture just outside.

Farther downtown, the admixture of art and design was also the theme of Gaia Repossi's dinner with Barneys at Cafe Gitane at the Jane. "It's sculpture, more than anything else," the jeweler said of her pieces. She explained that her background in art and archaeology is a main influence in her design process. "Women don't know how to wear jewelry now," she added. "It's just a diamond [to them]. I take it back to the references."

Vanessa Traina, the evening's hostess, explained that she and Gaia are childhood friends. Repossi revealed later that they're now collaborators, too: The two are working on a capsule collection together, one she described as "masculine."

Masculine or feminine, guests agreed that Repossi's pieces were no mere adornments. "I feel empowered in them," said stylist Anya Ziourova. "Like Joan of Arc."

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